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Privacy policy / Rules

Privacy policy

The following privacy terms (hereafter referred to as the privacy terms) establish main principles and procedure based on which the vendor (hereafter referred to as “We”) on the internet store (hereafter referred to as the e-store) handles personal data provided by the buyers (natural persons)(hereafter referred to as “You”).

Personal data you submit to the e-store is handled by us in adherence to the privacy terms, requirements set by the Personal Data Legal Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania, other laws of Lithuania which regulate personal data handling and protection.

We acknowledge and respect the constitutional right to privacy of every person who visits and makes purchases on the e-store. We collect and use your personal data (name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail and other information filled in the form on the e-store) in order:

  • To process your ordered products and (or) services (hereafter referred to as the products);
  • To solve problems related to the products you selected;
  • To carry out our other commitments related to the product purchase contract;

For other purposes (including your personal data handling for marketing purposes) we handle your data with your permission only.

When handling your personal data, in cases specified in the privacy terms we reserve the right to provide the data to third parties only based on the purposes defined in the second part of the privacy terms and to no bigger extent than it is required to achieve certain goals.

We will not disclose your personal data to third party in no other cases than those that are specified in the privacy terms without receiving your permission except those cases when we are obliged by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

We have the right to write information (usually known as  cookies) to your computer when you visit our online store. This information makes it easier for you to use and every time when you visit the online store, you do not need to re-enter your personal data because this information is already put in there. You can delete this information from your computer or block it using a web browser on your computer. We are not responsible for the management of your personal data via the websites of the third parties.

We are not responsible for the privacy conditions and activities of the webpages of third parties, even in such cases when you find them via links that are in our online store or when you access online store via those links. We advise you to read the privacy conditions of every webpage (not only ours) that you have visited. All notifications and/or claims, which are related to the management of your personal data, can be provided via e-mail or telephone and the answer will be sent you via e-mail or by telephone.

BY SUBMITING YOUR PERSONAL DATA IN THE ONLINE STORE YOU AGREE THAT THE DATA WILL BE MANAGED AS IT IS STATED IN THESE CONDITIONS. We have the right to modify the whole conditions or just a part of them by notifying you in the online store in the shop. If you use our online store after the changes have been made, it will mean that you agree with them. Information exchange: the Seller sends all messages via the e-mail that was provided in the Buyer's form, or calls the phone number that was provided in the indicated form. The Buyer sends all messages and questions using the means that are described in  the Contacts section of the online store of the Seller.


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