Radijo bangomis valdomas sraigtasparnis Carrera RC Red Bull Cobra TAH-1F

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Ši prekė pristatoma nemokamai
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Pristatymo trukmė:
2-4 d.d.
2.4 GHz
Originali netvarkinga
Prekė ekspozicinė
Rekomenduojama metai:
8 +
4.7 / 5.0 Viso vertinimų: 104
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Pilnas nuotolinis valdymas.
Siųstuvas 2.4GHz (3 kanalai)
Solidi konstrukcija
Skrydžio stabilizavimas
LED šviesos
Komplektacija: Sraigtasparnis, Nuotolinis pultelis, Pakrovėjas USB laidas,  Baterijos: 2 x AAA (į komplektaciją neįeina) 

A helicopter legendThe TAH-1F is considered one of the first real combat helicopters. Until the mid-60er, only normal transport helicopters were known, which were armed if necessary. But the US manufacturer Bell Helicopter changed everything with this model. In the distinctive Red Bull paint, the helicopter is a popular flying companion for the Flying Bulls today to attract attention at airshows. The copy is also a popular sidekick in films and TV. This helicopter is just fun!A combat helicopter in a small versionOf course, no one can start private with such a legendary flight object in its original size. But in the RC-version it is exactly the right model for flying-enthusiastic helicopter fans. The RC helicopter is delivered ready-to-run and can be scored with a flight time of up to 5 minutes. The charging time is approx. 60 minutes. With the original Red Bull license, the aircraft is visually in no way inferior to its model. In addition, the helicopter scores with its qualitative, coaxial rotor control and the gyro system, with which a stable flying position is secured. You can also rely on the automatic flight altitude assistant in any situation, which provides for a simple operation with its autostart and landing function. Up to 16 flying acrobats can fly at the same time and move smoothly in this frequency thanks to the 2.4 GHz radio technology. In all other cases, the anti-collision function intervenes. The Cobra TAH-1F with built-in rechargeable LiPo battery comes home with an ergonomic 3-channel controller, USB charging cable and batteries.

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Highlights & Details

  • Single blade rotor controlAutomatic flight height assistantAuto-take-off and landing functionErgonomic 3-channel controller

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