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  • Product information "Angelcare Diaper Pail Classic XL"

    The practical Angelcare Classic XL nappy bin is a waste bin specially designed for the disposal of nappies. It completes the basic set of baby accessories and provides a pleasant environment without foul smelling nappies. It also prevents the spread of harmful germs.

    More comfort with the Angelcare Diaper Pail Classic XL

    Full nappies are part of everyday life for babies and toddlers. Especially in the first few months after birth, the little ones still fill up their nappies particularly often. Unfortunately, the smell of the foul-smelling business spreads very quickly throughout the entire home and is anything but inviting, even for visitors. The Angelcare Classic XL nappy bin provides the desired remedy and, unlike a conventional bin, seals the full nappies in airtight. This means that the bad odours, including the bacteria, remain safely enclosed and no longer escape to the outside. A particular advantage of this is that parents no longer have to run outside for each nappy, which is very tiring and unnecessary, especially for flat tenants on higher floors. The nappy pail from Angelcare provides the necessary relief for new parents.

    Advantages of the Angelcare Classic XL nappy pail

    The clever nappy pail with a height of 68 cm and a diameter of 26 cm is particularly suitable for all parents who value a healthy posture. The special dimensions make it possible to throw in the nappy without annoying bending, which can quickly lead to back pain in the long run with the large number of nappies. Disposing of the nappy can easily be done with one hand. All you have to do is open the lid and throw the full nappy through the flap. The high capacity can hold approximately up to 57 full nappies. By accumulating in one large section of film without having to twist the nappies in individually, Angelcare is committed to an environmentally conscious lifestyle by reducing plastic consumption. The insertable cassettes with so-called Odour-Seal technology ensure with their antibacterial film that germs and bacteria also remain safely in the waste. Operation and disposal are quick and easy. By pressing a button on the side, the Angelcare Classic XL nappy pail is unfolded in the middle. The end of the full nappy tube is cut off with the integrated knife and reknotted at the respective ends. With the entire concept of the Classic XL nappy pail, the manufacturer focuses above all on safety and flexibility in stressful everyday life.

    Features Angelcare Classic XL nappy pail:

    • Sophisticated design for healthy posture
    • Airtight closure
    • Prevents the spread of odours and germs
    • Less plastic consumption
    • Easy handling and disposal
    • Holds up to 57 nappies (test carried out with nappy size 1 (2-5 kg). Slight deviations possible depending on how full the nappies are)

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